Long Term Care

Company Link Remarks
Mutual of Omaha mutualofomaha.com
New York Life newyorklife.com
Massachusetts Mutual Life Ins massmutual.com
LifeSecure Insurance Co. yourlifesecure.com
Northwestern Mutual northwesternmutual.com
Genworth Life Ins Co genworth.com
TransAmerica Long-Term Care transamerica.com, taltc.com
State Life Ins (OneAmerica) oneamerica.com
Lincoln Nationsl Life Ins lfg.com
John Hancock Life Ins John Hancock LTC
Pacific Life Ins pacificlife.com
Prudential Life Ins prudential.com only a group LTC
Forethought Life Ins globalatlantic.com not an LTC, but an annuity
MetLife metlife.com stopped selling LTC insurance in 2010
AARP aarp.org stopped selling LTC insurance in 2013


Insurance Brokers

Company Link Remarks
Golden Care goldencare.com =National Independent Brokers, Inc.
America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) AHIP.org provides educational opportunities; source to obtain LTCP designation
LTC Partner longtermcareinsurancepartner.com
LTC Financial Solutions ltcfinsol.com




Wolfgang Barwig, EA