The Nazi past remains still unprocessed in Germany

After the end of World War II in 1945, life went on as usual in Germany. "We" had lost the war, but "we" did not want to talk about it. "We" were focused on rebuilding the economy. Germans did not feel responsible for the war and atrocities - but twisted reality ... until the Germans appeared to be the victims. The Nazis were still in power after 1945, and Nazis occupied all leading industrial and government positions in Germany. The Nazis occupied educational positions after 1945 and enabled the Nazi spirit to be seamlessly transferred to the following generation through modeling.

After 1945, under pressure from the occupying forces the govenment form had changed to a democracy, but the spirit behind it remained Nazi. The undemocratic rigid class system remains unchanged; the academic elite is selected at age 10 predominantly from the five percent Protestant middle class. In Germany the British/American concept of 'fair play' remains an incomprehensible concept. Under the new political system, after 1945 some Nazi government functions had to be transferred to private institutions. The manipulation of public opinion went from Goebbels' propaganda ministry to the two German government-controlled public TV stations and the German press, for example the 'Bild' newspaper. However, there was no need for the government arrogance and police brutality to change after the war: Germans were still afraid of the government and Nazi lawlessness, and the Nazis liked to keep it that way.

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The undemocratic rigid German class system prevails:


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The Nazi past remains unprocessed in 1967 Germany

Most people associated with the Baader Meinhof Group were highly educated:

Ensslin, Meinhof, and Vesper were considered members of the German intellectual elite, and in the 1950s/1960s financially supported by the German Academic Scholarship Foundation ( "Stipendiaten der angesehensten deutschen Begabtenförderung, der Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes").


Chronological list of authors of the following quotations:



The Baader Meinhof Gang/Red Army Faction